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Scotsdale Heritage Farm Winter Engagement Photos

It makes sense that winter is one of the most popular times of the year to get engaged.

So why should YOU have a winter engagement shoot? Because your wedding day photos will most likely be taken in the Spring or Summer!

So a winter backdrop is the perfect contrast in looks for your collection of images featuring you and your BOO 😍

Here are 5 TIPS on "How To Take The Best Winter Engagement Photos Ever"

ft samples from a shoot with our couple Alyssa & Sam at the Scotsdale Heritage Farm!

1. Work in props that also warm you up.

There's nothing worse than having to end an engagement session short just because it's cold so work around that by bringing things that double as cute eye-candy photo props and keep you toasty. A warm blanket, puffy jackets and/or warm cup of hot chocolate can do wonders for the photos! Remember to dress for the scene!

2. Plan on incorporating lots of bold colours into your clothing, accessories, or background if you want to make snowy landscapes really pop.

Go for colours that contrast with white snow. Vivid hues such as red, and emerald pop beautifully against snowfall and create a surreal quality in your photos.

3. Plan your shoot so you have plenty of daylight.

In wintertime, you're limited to less hours of sunlight, so make sure you and your photographer are well aware of when sunrises and sunsets are for your shoot day. We typically recommend aiming for afternoon shoot times if planning for a snowy themed session.

4. Don't overthink or over-stress about it!

With trying to capture the weather or snowfall just right, it can be easy to feel a bit stressed around the idea of an engagement shoot. But remember the reason you're doing it: to celebrate your love for your partner together. There's always ways to troubleshoot if things aren't lining up the way you had intended. "At the end of the day, the winter theme will add a nice touch to your photos, but being stress-free during the shoot shines even more

5. Work with a local photography studio

Working with a company that has a roster of excellent photographers on the team will ensure your photo results are top notch! Although not mandatory, it helps when your photography studio knows the area, the scenery, and is willing to legit get on the ground to take photos of you in snowy conditions 😊

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