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How Many Hours of Photo/Video Coverage is Needed For a Hindu Wedding? ft. Ajay & Allisha Teasers

Ajay & Allisha tied the knot during their week long Hindu wedding celebration with our VidMedia team by their side; and they now have amazing photos and video to commemorate the event through!

We captured several events during this week, including the Mehdni, Maticoor, and then the Hindu ceremony and backyard hosted reception! Below are just a few select teasers from this full gallery of over 1000 images showcasing a taste of what unfolded ❤️

If you're having an Indian wedding celebration, you will most definitely need extra hours of photo/film coverage in your package, and we at VidMedia have the packages and flexibility to make it all happen!

In our experience, we recommend couples with multiple day events allocate for 15-25 hours of overall coverage dependant on their needs and itineraries.

Here are 5 reasons as to:

"why extending photography/film coverage is a MUST for South Asian weddings"

1. Complete Documentation:

Hindu weddings are known for their elaborate ceremonies and multiple-day celebrations. By opting for extra hours of photography/film coverage, you ensure that every significant moment of your wedding is captured. This includes the pre-wedding ritual dates, the getting ready process, intricate details, post-wedding celebrations, and candid moments that may occur beyond the standard coverage time of a standard single day event.

2. Extended Coverage of Rituals and Traditions:

Hindu weddings involve a wide range of rituals and traditions that hold immense cultural and emotional significance. Additional photography/film production hours allow for a more in-depth coverage of these rituals. It provides an opportunity to capture the details, symbolism, and spiritual aspects of each ceremony, ensuring that no important moments are missed. Extended coverage allows the photographer and videographer to capture the essence of the wedding in a more comprehensive manner.

3. Flexibility and Adaptability:

Weddings can be unpredictable, and sometimes the schedule may go off track due to various reasons. Having extra hours of photography/film coverage offers flexibility to accommodate any delays, changes, or unexpected moments that may arise during the wedding. It ensures that the photo/video team have sufficient time to capture all the planned events and can adjust their approach to capture spontaneous, unplanned moments that often make weddings unique and memorable.

4. Diverse Locations and Setups

Hindu weddings often take place in various locations, such as temples, homes, or outdoor venues. By booking a larger photo/film package, you can capture the ambiance, decor, and unique characteristics of each location. It allows the photographer/filmmaker to take advantage of different lighting conditions and settings, resulting in a diverse and visually appealing collection of captures that showcase the beauty of each intricate moment.

5. Personalized and Customized Packages:

At VidMedia, we offer flexible packages that allow you to customize your photography/film coverage beyond our standard single day 10 hour packages. Our easy payment instalment process makes it an easy convenient process from the moment you make a commitment with us up until the delivery of the edits!

This means you can discuss your requirements with the us and tailor the coverage to suit your wedding timeline, traditions, and desired outcome. Extra production hours can be added directly through our online booking system as needed to ensure all your expectations are met!

In conclusion, investing in professional photography/video for a Hindu wedding ensures that the significance, beauty, and cultural elements of the event are captured expertly. The expertise, creativity, comprehensive coverage, and high-quality output provided by professional captures make it a valuable investment that preserves the memories of your special day in the most beautiful and meaningful way possible.

Congratulations to our beautiful couple Ajay and Allisha!

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