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Atrium Banquet & Conference Centre Wedding Photography & Video - ft. Natasha & Julian

Planning a zero-hassle wedding is nearly impossible. Hundreds of details, both big and small, increase the chances of mistakes, communication gaps and confusion. If you can accept the fact that there are bound to be at least a few hiccups along the way, you will be able to stay much more sane. Having experienced vendors around you will help with this tremendously.

Lets explore the "The Top 5 Wedding planning tips to make sure your wedding runs smoothly"

1. You can never start too early

It is never too early to start planning your wedding, once you are engaged. Mark everything from your venue visits to the honeymoon in your calendar, with plenty of time to spare. You can then proceed at a relaxed pace. Should the need arise, you will have enough buffer time to accommodate changes too.

2. Punctuality is KEY!

From planning your wedding day timeline to making it to your vendor appointments or tackling the tasks on your to-do list, do it all on time!

You should have enough buffer time the day of to compensate for any delays. Make an effort to try and finish all your work on time and respect the time of others involved in your wedding plans as well.

Booking vendors that have great track records and can work within tight schedules is crucial!

3. Delegate tasks to the right people

A wedding is easier to plan when you have many helping hands. If your friends and family pitch in to help you with the wedding planning, accept by all means. Nevertheless, make sure that you delegate responsibilities to the right people who will do it well with minimum supervision. If you have to micromanage a person, it is better you do the task yourself. So, identify the talents and skills of your friends and family members and allocate jobs to them on this basis.