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8/10 Couples Are Still Having a 2021 Wedding!

Love most certainly isn’t canceled, and that includes the joyful journey of planning your wedding.

So rejoice in your time as an engaged couple and enjoy the upcoming planning process😊

A study shows that 8 in 10 respondents, who got engaged in the last year, have now officially set a wedding date in 2021 or 2022. So if the data points to anything, what's certain is weddings after COVID will be abundant and your favourite vendors will most likely be already pre booked.

We personally have already set aside several dates for even 2022! So if you are planning to get hitched in the next year or two, why not start with a beautiful Engagement Photo session like this gorgeous winter themed set below ❤️

Now booking wedding and engagement photography, film, photobooth and live streaming services for 2022 and limited remaining 2021 dates 📸📝 with no rescheduling fees 🙌🏼


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