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Why Wedding Photography Should Be Your #1 Budget Priority

If you are going to allocate any part of your wedding budget towards specific necessities; put it towards at least a few hours of professional photography coverage👌You can get married almost anywhere, you can save costs on decor and party favours, you can skip having a live band if you don't really want one...

BUT you can't manifest good photos and video from an inexperienced production company 👍🏼

Because at the end of the day, your photos and/or film will be the only memories documenting your special day... the only physical heirlooms on your walls at home or in a photo album, and the only physical thing(s) you will cherish for generations to come.

We always recommend our full Photo+Video packages to ensure the best production and captures but if that's not for you, then you can always explore our custom "build your own" booking options. If not going with a full day's coverage, we would recommend at the very least capturing your: ceremony+ family group photos and a creative bride/groom portrait session like with our couple Jeanette and Hubert at the Harding Waterfront Estate below ❤️


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