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How To Have a Wedding During a Pandemic?

Maybe your church ceremony needed relocating. Maybe you couldn't throw a party in a venue this year and opted into having a ceremony now and a reception later. Maybe you had a backyard wedding like many of our Fall Couples did this season!

Whatever the case...LOVE was not cancelled with such weddings like Ferlisha & Jordan's ❤️

Our couple decided to "get married" and have their ceremony this year with limited guests outdoors in a backyard set up and plan for a bigger reception in a few months when restrictions are lifted. This type of split is absolutely doable and does not affect the overall celebration of a union as proven through such beautiful photos as below.

With Ferlisha & Jordan's wedding in specific, we had to skip the formal "drinking mimosas and getting ready at home" images and kept timing of the day tight by starting with a formal park session for beauty shots, a first look, and couple portraits. This vintage estate location looked especially amazing on video too!

Moving right away into a ceremony that was also streamed LIVE allowed us to capture everything and anything we needed to document what we call "Chapter 1" of Ferlisha & Jordan's Covid Style Wedding.

Chapter 2? Well...that will be in a few months as we hopefully go back to full size events.

Now booking wedding photography, film, live streaming, and photobooth bundles for 2022 and limited 2021 dates - No rescheduling fees or hassles for covid restricted weddings 😊


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