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How To Photograph Your Child's Baptism Day for Keepsake!

Choosing to have captures of your child's baptism either through photographs or through video can be a wonderful momentum to add to your family heirlooms. The best part about it, is that the cost doesn't have to be extravagant!

2- 3 hours of shoot time is almost always more than enough to get the MUST HAVE content captured!

In the baptism teasers below, we started at the family home for preparations with baby Kiana, moved to some family portraits in a beautiful backyard, and then concluded the event coverage at the church with all of the live action ceremonial proceedings.

If you're looking to have fantastic photos and or video for your child's baptism, you may book a CUSTOM length package on our website under the "Book Online" button. 😊

Enjoy some of these snaps of baby Kiana and her family ⬇️


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