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Kortright Centre Wedding Ceremony & Reception - Manhar & Jessica

Manhar & Jessica's 2 day wedding did not disappoint as we captured video and photo moments from both their cultural ceremony at Ascott Parc and then at Kortright Centre the second day. What made this event incredibly emotional and heartwhelming was the love shared not only between the bride and groom but also towards Jessica's late father who unfortunately passed away closely prior to the wedding day. It was incredibly touching to dedicate a part of the video to Frank Passarelli via bride Jessica's raw letter reading and through the warming atmosphere created by all their guests at the open air reception. Now, we get emotional editing and watching all of our films but I don't think we have ever cried as much as we did producing this one.

There was no lack of happiness and joy among this grand 2 day festivity despite the difficulty faced by the family and as sister of the bride Samantha says in her speech, "the love and support Manhar shows Jessica will remain through thick and thin". Even the small details such as puppy Lola wearing a mini tutu or sari simply melted our hearts - just look at some of the photos!

If there is ever a need of convincing our superb story telling, production, and editing skills, then this is it.

Enjoy some of the teasers below and don't forgot to support us by following our Instagram page @VidMediaCa


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