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Kortright Centre Fall Wedding Photography & Video - ft Elicia & Maria

Below is a peak at a beautiful fall wedding at the Kortright Centre! Enjoy!

We welcome and celebrate love in all its beautiful forms. To help ease any distress or discomfort in your search for an inclusive wedding photography/video team, we at VidMedia feel it's important to be open about our values of inclusivity. We treat and capture all of our weddings the same way - with results that are breathtaking and timeless😊

We remember Elicia and Maria worrying about whether the leaves and backgrounds would have any fall colours or still be green by their wedding date. Its safe to say that they got what they wanted by just looking at some of their captures below and seeing not only fall leaves on the ground but yellow and warm tonnes within the trees. Editing plays a huge role in this as well 😊

This first look was so fun! (it played out even better on video!)

We loved how the brides used robes to cover up their wedding outfits for a synchronized reveal before their outdoor ceremony. We set this scene up on a nearby balcony to incorporate the beautiful fall foliage - and yes we captured it through multiple angles!

We wish you could have been there for the ceremony, because the beauty was flowing!

It’s events like this that make us step back and remember just how special and inspiring our job is.

Also dogs.

Dogs make EVERYTHING better 😍

There were unfortunately some time delays due to missing accessories on the morning of this day, which took away from our shooting timeslot for the formal portraits. But here's a secret; no wedding goes 100% to plan - and that's ok!

For this event, the time delays only affected our formal portrait timeslot after the ceremony.

Luckily we were able to work wonders and pulled off all of the necessary bri