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Comfy Maternity Photo Session At Home - Steph & Veshal

A lot of women have hesitations about being photographed when their body isn't at all in the state it is usually in but we are here to tell you and SHOW you that it is in fact a beautiful time of your life. Having a photo collection documenting your pregnancy journey either alone or with your partner is something that you will want to remember, especially when we aim to make it as easy and comfortable as we do :)

TIP: A set of maternity/pregnancy photos, whether shot in your home, our studio, or outdoors are especially great for social media post announcements, framed in your living space, or as decor at your baby shower!

Stephanie & Veshal aren't strangers to us or our cameras since we filmed and photographed their wedding a few years back and so it was amazing to catch up with our old clients to document this new life chapter. We were constantly laughing and reminiscing to their engagement and wedding days when posing and body positioning was catered to an almost opposite approach from a maternity session. We were directing more so to "hold the belly", or to "turn a bit more to the side" to see the bump, etc.

It was honestly quite funny how the flow of a photo session can change based on what it is we are trying to show and document 😂

Have a look at some of their images below <3


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