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Muskoka Proposal Photography and Video Capture - Shuaib & Zolal

Shuaib prepared and drove plenty of decor items himself up North to Muskoka to set up and arrange a beautiful proposal scene for his partner Zolal - and oh boy was it magical!

As always, we arrived early to scope out the scene and capture a bit of the pre event occurrences for our storytelling styled content. We were hoping for sunset skies but part of the nature of what we do is being prepared for things to not always happen on time - and that's ok!

Although the sky got completely dark by the time Zolal arrived, we adjusted our camera settings and had fireworks set off on a dock in the background to add to the precious moment (shout out to the boys for lighting those off on cue!) Below are some samples of how everything looked ❤️

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