Royal Botanical Gardens Wedding Photography - ft. Cathy & Mike's Teasers

Lets explore The TOP 3 Qualities of a GOOD Wedding Photo Studio - ft. a few samples from our couple Cathy & Mike's big day!

Many wedding studios come and go, too many of them are 'cookie-cut' from the same mold with their preconceived demands on what your wedding day should be. (and too often your wedding day becomes one long, drawn-out, unpleasant modelling photo shoot where the photographers/videographers boss you around all day and keep you from your party and your guests.)

With us; what you see is what you get.

All our advertising photos are from actual real life events (not models, workshops, fake photoshoots). We won't demand that you do things you don't want to do (like lay in the grass in your pristine wedding dress). We will do our best to take the best captures possible, no matter the circumstances or potential scheduling mishaps the day of (which almost always happen).


We photograph using the latest digital cameras and demand the highest quality optics from our lenses. We have several camera bodies and various sets of lenses/accessories within our studio to ensure a wedding day can be captured in many angles/compositions.

We then edit using cutting edge software on professional computers including colour calibrated monitors for accurate print reproductions- a point so often overlooked by other studios.


Nothing about you, your relationship or your event is fake or cheesy, so why should your photography be? We capture plenty of candid moments throughout the day but are also skilled and able to prompt for those flattering/natural poses during your creative portrait session.

3. Adaptive Photography Style

We are able to bring the best of candid wedding photo journalism, stylized photography combined with quality posed shots and put them into a fantastic mix on your wedding day to provide you with comprehensive photographic coverage. Our ability to adapt to delayed schedules or wedding day hicups is outstanding!

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