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A Destination Wedding in Trinidad & Tobago - Not Your Normal Resort Wedding!

Trinidad & Tobago is most likely the most exotic place we have ever shot a wedding at. Why? Because it was completely opposite to what we are used to when capturing events at all inclusive resorts. Trinidad was one heck of an experience throughout Shane & Krishanta's wedding week and we absolutely killed it with their film and photography :)

Having shot Shane & Krishanta's winter engageament session in Brampton ON, it was an absolute pleasure to be brought out later to their home country and work with so many wonderful family members throughout the Mehendi, pre wedding rituals, the Hindu ceremony, and of course the white dress reception at the very end. Their party was especially hyped due to the celebrity guests that performed lots of crowd pleasing songs.

This 5 day production left us personally with one day to explore for ourselves; and of course we just has to visit the beach, try Bake n' Shark, and explore "The Avenue" before flying back to Toronto. It's our quality, customer experience and reliability that makes us so known and privileged to do what we do, even outside of the GTA, and we are so humbled by that.

Thank you Shane & Krishanta for trusting us with the best days of your lives!

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