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Why Book a Photo/Video Studio Team Instead of a Single Photographer - ft. Alicia & Neil

At VidMedia, we are more than just a single over worked and burnt out photographer – we are a resourceful team of creatives committed to preparing our couples to enjoy their day as stress-free as possible from the moment you make a booking, have your prep consultation, up until the editing and delivery process of your beautiful final photo/film media pieces.

Now let’s get to why a full-service wedding photography, film, and photobooth studio would be a great fit for you! - featuring some sample photos from our beautiful couple Alicia & Neil!


At VidMedia, you get more than just one person watching out for you.

You’ll have access to our wedding consultants, a creative director, your day of photographers and filmmakers, and the peace of mind knowing that the brand you are choosing for your big day is a full time dedicated production house as opposed to someone working a side hustle.


Over the years we’ve heard the horror stories of other photographers/filmmakers backing out last minute, getting sick, showing up late, and many other things that no bride/groom should have to ever have to worry or stress about on their big day.

With us at VidMedia, there is always a back up in place in case something beyond our control happens. This is such a massive benefit of hiring a full-service wedding studio.


Wedding days can be unpredictable and when things go wrong, an experienced team is your best option to get through it in a stress-free professional manner.

So instead of hiring a company who is “just figuring things out”, with VidMedia, you'll have access to professionals who can pin point every intricate detail of your schedule and ensure a proper photo/video capture plan.


This one’s a no brainer, friends!

When you book one united wedding creative studio, you are only having to find and select one vendor! Instead of having to inquire with multiple photographers, filmmakers, & photobooth companies, all you have to do is find a single company team you’re obsessed with, and then you can start the booking process from there! It’s a wonderful feeling, and it provides so much peace of mind when you can cross several important vendors off your list at once with one easy booking contract!


Raise your hand if you’ve been in at a wedding and witnessed a photographer and videographer not getting along, competing for the shot, or stepping on one another’s toes.

When you hire one company, you’re giving yourself the gift of a team who can approach your day with a unified plan, one with proper management, and direction, which will in turn provide you with the best coverage and the smoothest day possible.

While it’s entirely possible for separate company photographers & videographers to communicate well on the day itself, nothing compares to the level of communication and planning that comes with a photo & video team in house! Remember- the key word here is team!!

At VidMedia, we have the experience to make your planning stress-free and the talent to make your wedding images unforgettable. The best news is, we do it all at a great value that can fit any budget! Contact us today for more information.

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