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Private Live Stream Link:
(only those with this URL can view)

Andrea & Ian's Wedding Ceremony
 Playback from June 24th 2023

Live Streams are captured in real time as they occur through 2 camera angles, an audio board, and switch board. Live Streams are not a reflection of a highly produced edited film piece and may include camera repositioning, movements, bumps, and or refocusing as occurred on scene.

Disclaimer: Warranties and Liability VidMedia is not liable for any loss resulting from disruption of a webcast due to power outages, loss of Internet Connection, venue equipment failure or audio/video issues at the event location. It is the clients responsibility to provide the venues wifi connection prior to streaming. VidMedia cannot be held liable for any failure of the live stream or any other issues resulting from any disruption or non-availability of this requirement. Buffering or lags may occur dependant on the viewers internet connection and speeds but playback may be available after stream completion.

Live Streams are set under private viewing links (unless asked for otherwise) and provided solely to the client to share in advance. Any link leaks or shares beyond that are of no responsibility of VidMedia or under VidMedia's control.

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