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5 Reasons To Book An Engagement Photo Session

As professional wedding media experts, we offer a full range of services from photography, film, and interactive photobooths; BUT prior to any of these services we always start with an engagement photo session. Here are 5 reasons to BOOK an Engagement photo session for yourself. featuring some amazing sample images from Amanda & Andrea's beautiful session.

1. Get to know your photographer

Your wedding photography team is so much more than just a lens and a clicking shutter! These are the people who will be with you for HOURS on your wedding day, capturing intimate moments and special details. Use this opportunity to get to know us :)

2. Grow more comfortable in front of a camera

So many people feel threatened by a camera pointed in their direction! If you're one of those people who goes stiff and awkward in front of the lens, don't fear! We're very down to earth and stress free during our sessions and you'll be amazed at how comfortable and natural you can feel!

3. Capture the fleeting time that you're engaged

Being engaged is a time of transition -- shifting from a dating couple to a married one. It's such a happy, exciting time, but it won't last forever. Having engagement pictures taken can be a wonderful way to preserve memories of this brief period, so that you can look back on them for years to come.

4. Create portraits of the two of you in non-wedding clothes

Your wedding portraits will be cherished forever, but having professional portraits of the two of you in more everyday clothing gives you additional images that you can use in so many different ways.

5. You'll have photos to use for wedding purposes

This is probably the BIGGEST reason that leapt to your mind when you saw this post, and it's an important one! Save the date cards, thank you cards, a wedding website, a guest book, maybe a canvas for people to sign at the reception? ... all of these are important aspects of your wedding planning that will benefit SO much from beautiful engagement photos!

Now booking wedding photography, film, live streaming, and photobooth bundles for 2022 and limited 2021 dates - No rescheduling fees or hassles for covid restricted weddings 😊


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