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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

Sage & Tyler were a somewhat last minute booking for us for the season but we're so glad to have managed to fit their spook-tastic Halloween wedding into our schedule 😊

We started off with a complimentary engagement session a few weeks prior to the big day for an ice breaker with the cameras where these two absolutely shined wth creativity!

In this Blog we'll explore why investing in a great wedding photographer is so important ; featuring teaser photos from our couple Sage & Tyler's wedding.

1. High-Pressure Situations

Attending a wedding as a guest can be a fun, care-free, and exciting experience. However, working at a wedding can be a different story, especially as a wedding photographer. A lot of those important moments that you want captured happen within a mere few seconds – the exchanging of rings, the first kiss, the bouquet toss, the cake cutting.

All of this makes wedding photography an extremely high-pressure job, because if you miss the perfect shot of that first kiss, it’s gone forever. Wedding photographers are skilled, trained professionals who have experience handling the immense pressure that comes with the job, and this allows them to stay cool, calm, and collected during the events so they can better focus on capturing every single moment.

2. Portraits And Posing

Professional photographers are used to working with couples who aren’t the most comfortable in front of the lens. There’s nothing wrong with being camera shy, but that’s why we’re here to help loosen you up so you can have fun during the experience.

Skilled wedding photographers always have a few tips and tricks up their sleeves to help couples relax and have fun with their photoshoots.

It’s so much more than simply telling you to stand and smile at the camera – the right wedding photographer will make you forget that there’s even a lens pointed at you in the first place.