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5 Ways To Show Appreciation To Your Wedding Photographers - ft Samples from Edyta & Kevin

Being a creative wedding photography/video studio is AMAZING. I mean, we get to capture one of the most important, meaningful days in someone's life by creating timeless photographs/films.

But with that comes a lot of work, stress and responsibility that often goes unnoticed.

We work hard to run our businesses successfully, while continuously learning and staying on top of everything. Vendors like us put so much time, energy, and love into their work — it really does mean a lot when a client returns the love.

So here are some "Really easy, totally free things you can do that really make a wedding photographer's heart happy" ft. wedding photo samples from our couple Edyta & Kevin's event that took place at Maximillian Kolbe Church, Riverwoood Conservatory and the Millennium Gardens Banquet Centre.

#1 Tag Your Pictures Online

It goes without saying, credit should be given wherever it’s due. Whenever you post your wedding pictures online do not forget to tag your wedding photographer. Something as simple as sharing their posts and stories on Instagram or leaving a "like" on their content goes a long way. When everybody appreciates the work, it gives immense motivation to keep giving the best.

#2 Refer Your Family/Friends

Referrals go a long way for creative wedding studios like ours. There is a lot of power in the word of mouth. When you refer someone it shows their credibility. It’s one of the best ways you can show appreciation to the photographers/videographers. So when an engaged friend or family member tells you about their engagement, tell them that you know a fantastic studio to consider 😊

#3 Pay Your Invoices On Time

It goes without saying; please ensure to process your invoices and payment instalments on time . There are a lot of moving pieces to keeping our business operational and timely payments are key. Most of our packages get split into small instalments for ease and flexibility to the client for a reason.

So trust us when we say that your wedding vendor does not want to be hounding you for payments 😊

#4 Leave a Review

When a great review gets posted, the clouds part in the sky, the rays of sun come streaming down, and birds start singing. It literally makes us so happy that our eyes tear up! This is why we do what we do. So take the time to leave a review if you're happy with your photography/film studio — it will mean so much to them.


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