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7 Ways To Keep Your Wedding Simple - Elm Hurst Inn Wedding Photography & Video - ft. Nicole & Steven

If you’re planning a small intimate wedding or considering it as an option, this guide is for you!

Some couples gravitate towards small weddings because they're typically more cost-effective and eco-friendly. So if you're hosting a petite party, we've rounded up our favourite small wedding ideas and planning tips to keep in mind.

- and spoiler alert! Having a small wedding doesn't affect the photo and video quality at all! You can rest assured, whether you have 10 guests or 300+, the memories and captures will do your day justice and ensure you have this life chapter available to revisit 😊

1. Be Selective About Your Guest List

You may want to celebrate with 50 people, but some venues may only allow 20 to 30 people, so keep that in mind as you create your guest list. If doing a micro wedding, chances are that you will only invite immediate family and/or select friends anyways. Intimacy is one of the biggest reasons to have a small wedding.

We had the honour of capturing Nicole and Steven with their immediate family members here as they got ready at the Elm Hurst Inn & Spa ❤️

2. Be Strict About Plus Ones

If every invited guest brings a plus one, your headcount can grow quickly. Before sending out invitations, talk with your partner about your stance on plus ones. Typically, plus ones are reserved for significant partners. Establishing this type of guideline is a surefire way to keep your guest list small if planning for a smaller size wedding without people you may not necessarily know.

3. You Can Have a Small Wedding Almost Anywhere!

With a limited guest list, your wedding venue options open up. You don't need big venues or large restaurants. As with Nicole & Steven in this blog, this full wedding day was hosted in one location at the cozy Elm Hurst Inn & Spa which catered comfortably to the individuals in attendance - and us!.

4. More Time To Interact With Guests/Family

The bride and groom are expected to mingle with everyone at their wedding. But when there are tons of guests, that can be pretty difficult. It’s tough to split your time up evenly among all your wedding guests, and some are bound to get offended if you don’t take the time to chat with them.

But with an intimate wedding, you won’t have that problem. There will be lots of time to mingle, take various group photo combinations, and not rush through the day.

5. Ditch the fluff.

Those custom wedding corn-hole boards you pinned on Pinterest? You don't need them. The hand-calligraphed wooden welcome sign? Sure, it's gorgeous—but will your guests even notice if it's not there? Nah! In the interest of keeping life easy-breezy, we suggest only focusing on the things that will make or break your wedding. A cake, some table decor, and a photo/video team to document it are the necessities 😊

6. Remember that it's not a competition.

Just because Kim and Kanye's wedding took place in two different European countries doesn't mean your wedding isn't worthy. The same thing goes for that to-die-for Big Day you saw on Instagram last week. If your top priority is keeping your wedding simple, don't play the comparison game—it's the easiest way to overcomplicate, overstress, and *ahem* overspend.

A good photo/video team (like us!) will make your wedding day look royal, despite location, size, weather, or other factors 😊

7. A More Memorable Experience

In the end, a small and intimate wedding provides a more memorable experience than a large wedding. You’ll be able to hold your event wherever you’d like, you’ll have money to spare on fine amenities and accommodations, and you’ll have more than enough time to mingle with all your guests.

P.S. A wedding is as simple as you make it, but no amount of planning (or stressing!) can prevent things from going wrong. Stay positive, enjoy the moments, and remember that just being married is what matters most!

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