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7 Ways To Keep Your Wedding Simple - Elm Hurst Inn Wedding Photography & Video - ft. Nicole & Steven

If you’re planning a small intimate wedding or considering it as an option, this guide is for you!

Some couples gravitate towards small weddings because they're typically more cost-effective and eco-friendly. So if you're hosting a petite party, we've rounded up our favourite small wedding ideas and planning tips to keep in mind.

- and spoiler alert! Having a small wedding doesn't affect the photo and video quality at all! You can rest assured, whether you have 10 guests or 300+, the memories and captures will do your day justice and ensure you have this life chapter available to revisit 😊

1. Be Selective About Your Guest List

You may want to celebrate with 50 people, but some venues may only allow 20 to 30 people, so keep that in mind as you create your guest list. If doing a micro wedding, chances are that you will only invite immediate family and/or select friends anyways. Intimacy is one of the biggest reasons to have a small wedding.

We had the honour of capturing Nicole and Steven with their immediate family members here as they got ready at the Elm Hurst Inn & Spa ❤️

2. Be Strict About Plus Ones

If every invited guest brings a plus one, your headcount can grow quickly. Before sending out invitations, talk with your partner about your stance on plus ones