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9 Things To Look For When Hiring a Wedding Photographer & Videographer - Behishta & Kambez

There is so much that goes into planning your wedding. We believe one of the most important parts of the wedding planning process is hiring good wedding photographers/filmmakers.

After all, your wedding media will be all you have to remember your life chapter by.

When choosing a studio to document your wedding, you want to look for a few specific things.

Lets explore "9 things to look for when hiring a wedding photographer & videographer" featuring some beautiful captures from our couple Behishta & Kambez's recent wedding.

1. Select a Company that knows how to produce various styles/aesthetics

There are many different styles of photography and film. There isn’t a right or wrong style. It just depends on what you are looking for and your personal taste buds. Knowing that a team can cater to different looks is always a bonus as you wont be stuck or forced to go with just one.

  • Bright and airy

  • Dark and moody

  • Bright and colourful

90% of the time, our couples tell us personally to shoot "what we think will look best" - and we DO exactly that 😊

2. How Well does Your Photo/Video Team Do Under Pressure?

Lets be real, most weddings do not have every detail happen on time - and thats ok!

2022 specifically had some of the most delayed make up/ hair processes in all of our time of doing this. Dont ask why, it's just that majority of beauty vendors this year delayed schedules by up to 3 hours!

Our bride Behishta in this blog was one of them.

Now, of course this greatly affects our capture process, especially if it takes away from a formal creative park session for example. So how will your photographers/videographers react? Will they crack under pressure or keep you calm and moving?

In this case, we split up our team and designated coverage to the venue reception while waiting for make up to finish at the prep location. Unfortunately it left us with no park session but we managed to produce a few beautiful portraits in front of the venue doors at the very least. This is why having a team of four creatives on your day is HUGE!

3. Remember you get what you pay for We know there will probably be some of you that stop reading right now, but we would be doing you a disservice if we don’t mention this.

You pay for the experience and reputation.

If you are looking for high-end, professional photos and video, it can cost. This doesn’t mean everyone that charges a lot is a safe hire. Not at all. What we are saying though is the cost of the photography/film production generally goes along with experience level and quality.

Good studios will have easy payments plans/splits for spaced out instalments

For examples, we personally don't collect our final balance until AFTER the wedding/editing.

4. Take the time to read through their reviews. Now since we have the internet, reviews are easily accessible. Most wedding studios have reviews on their website from real clients. It's a good idea to see what couples before you have to say about their experience. We have lots of real reviews from our beautiful couples on our website and Facebook page!

5. Does your Photo/Video team have backup equipment?

What happens if their camera breaks on a wedding day? What if the photographer/videographer drops their camera while taking photos and their lens cracks? The point is that mistakes happen, but if your wedding studio doesn’t have backup gear, they won’t be able to continue shooting. We usually shoot in a minimum team of 3 people, each with 2 cameras each, back up memory cards, batteries, etc.

And to top it off, we EVEN back up your captures onto several hard drives the day of production. We don't take any chances with media as important as from a wedding

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