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Engagement Photo Posing Ideas That Are Fun, Easy, Elegant, and DON'T feel Awkward!

Couples come in all makes and models. They’re tall and short and thick and thin. Some are shy, while some love the spotlight. And some fall naturally into photo-worthy poses, while others need a bit more guidance. A good photography team can make all the difference 👍🏼

Knowing how to pose a subject in a flattering way while making it feel genuine and natural is a real skill.📸 And we do exactly that!

Lets explore ft. an Engagement Shoot with our couple Natasha & Julian

captured in our "Dark Vintage Style"

1. Up Close & Personal:

These types of images get intimate and look incredibly romantic on camera. Faces, noses, hand, foreheads; get close for movie poster like results ❤️ We'll take care of the rest.

2. Fun Random Candids:

The photos in between moments that often look silly but awesome!

Because not every photo needs to be serious 😊

3. Movement!

Walk, run, jog skip, spin, whatever! Movement can add a great feel and energy into a scene.

Be prepared to move for our cameras 😊

3. Get Down Low.

The world can look very different the second you get down low to the ground.

It's like a whole new scene and photo backdrop - you'll be surprised of the results 🔥

4. A hug is a hug is a hug. Or is it?

There are so many ways to hug or wrap your arms around one another. We like to let you take control and then make adjustments based on chins, shoulders, or body angles for the most flattering results ❤️

5. Bring Out The Scenery

If we are shooting in a specific nature-esque location then scenery can add to the mood!

Like, look at how awesome this tree and dip in the road looks for example!! 😍

6. Side-by-Side

Positioning a couple side-by-side is one of the most natural ways they can pose. You can get a feel for what it will be like standing or sitting side-by-side with one another during the actual wedding day.

The best engagement photo ideas happen once you set foundation shots and then build upon a couple’s vibes. Our mix of guided and candid photos is a sure winner, will take an hour to create, and provide you with a handful of images to use for any of your pre wedding needs: guest books, canvases, wedding website visuals, and more!

Get your FREE Engagement Photo Session with select wedding photo/video packages today!


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