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Engagement Photos In Your Toronto Condo Rooftop and Lobby? Why Not?!

Nicole & Mike decided to have their engagement photo session at home in their condo and despite battling some high winds (and wild hair lol), we produced some truly magazine worthy images outdoors and within the building's lobby! Have a look below ⬇️

Okay so you want to see yourselves - , but you don 't know how to capture yourselves authentically - being in front of the camera is hard - We totally get it. At VidMedia, we have a team of talented photographers and videographers who live and breath this kind of stuff; so don't worry, we'll make you look your best in our work!

Photos hold memories - they help us travel back to that moment - that place and the emotions attached to that moment. Taking photos in a place that has a special place in your heart can transport your back to that love you shared in a way that's hard to put into words.

An engagement session is one of the greatest services your wedding photography studio can offer you so take advantage of it! A quick hour session can get you gorgeous photos like these for FREE with select wedding package right here with us at VidMedia!!

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