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Glen Erin Inn & Spa Wedding Photography & Video - Miranda & Stephen on New Years Eve!

As the clock struck midnight, we had the incredible honour of photographing and filming a New Year's wedding that was nothing short of magical!

In this blog, enjoy just a few teasers from Miranda and Stephen's extraordinary wedding that took place at The Glenerin Inn & Spa in Mississauga 😊😊

Here are :

4 REASONS WHY to Book a Wedding Video/Photo Studio With YEARS of Experience!

  1. Years of Experience in Event Coverage: As professional wedding photographers and videographers, we come equipped with years of experience in covering various events. Chances are, we have already worked with a friend or family member of yours or you have come across us online due to the vast amount of projects under our belts. That's called reputation 😊 Everyone wants peace of mind on their wedding day knowing that the company they have hired has got their backs!

2.Creative Storytelling: Wedding photos and videos are not just about documenting moments; they are about telling the unique story of your love and celebration. As professional creatives, we bring an artistic touch to our work, no matter who the couple is or where the wedding is taking place!

3. Quality Equipment and Backup Plans: At VidMedia, we invest in top-of-the-line equipment to guarantee the highest quality imagery, something that a lot of entry level producers cannot afford to do at the beginning of their careers.

Additionally, we always have backup plans in place to handle any unforeseen technical or event timing issues. This specifically worked wonders for Miranda & Stephen's day as having a team of 4 allowed us to navigate a delayed and time crunched cocktail hour/ family photo session. It's never a bad idea to go with our Photo+Video Combo Packages!

4. Expertise in Low-Light Conditions: Professionals understand how to use lighting techniques, equipment, and editing tools to ensure your photos and videos are nothing short of spectacular, even in dim poorly lit venues or hotel hallways! Many amateur creatives tense up at the idea of using flash or shooting in dark areas, and we get it...It ain't easy! 😊

Post-Production Excellence: Beyond the wedding day, we use our skills in post-production over the span of MANY MANY tedious hours to enhance and refine our final products. This is actually where all of the real work hours are spent 🤫🤫🤫

From colour grading to retouching, our expertise ensures that your photos and videos are polished and timeless, ready to be cherished for generations to come! Like Miranda & Stephen, you too, can have beautiful photo and video results to last you generations!