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How Many Engagement Photos Do You Need For Your Wedding?

One of the most common questions we receive as a professional wedding studio is:

"how many photos will you capture"?

Lets explore this topic in detail featuring some engagement photo teasers from our VidMedia couple Natalia & Matthew 😊

At VidMedia, we do not believe in putting a cap or limit on the number of images you will receive in total; and although we can estimate a rough quantity based on the scope of the session… if we have great shots of you, you’re getting all of them! 🤗

Quality, Not Quantity

In theory, having a lot of photos can seem like a good thing. But, there is certainly a point where the number of photos can be excessive – especially when they seem redundant or lack in quality. We would always prefer GORGEOUS results rather than burst capturing tons of useless images.

Trust Your Photography Studio

While consumer culture has lead us to see “more” as “better”, you will be disappointed if you approach your photography needs in that way. Instead trust your wedding photography company to not just create a lot of images, but to create the right number of images.

What Affects the Quantity of Photos Taken at a Session?

So, how many photos are enough? While it varies on the type of session, on average you can expect around 20-50 quality photos for every hour of shooting time.

However, there are several factors that play into how many photos are captured, including:

  • The type of event/photoshoot

  • Any gaps in travel, set up time or schedule logistics

  • And the weather (if it’s outside)

It seems easy—just point and click the camera, and you end up with amazing shots, right?

That is actually not the case 🤫

Any photographer knows this isn’t true, and it’s important that every client understands this as well. Constant adjustment to manual camera settings, use of proper lighting, and a creative eye with quick reflexes will make for a great photo gallery - and these do not just "occur" in lightning speed 😊

So trust our team of photographers/filmmakers at VidMedia to have these mandatory skillsets to make your content AWESOME!

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