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How to BEST Cover your South Asian Wedding Events through Photography and Video.

In this blog, we will explore "How to BEST Cover your South Asian Wedding Events on Video/Photo" - featuring samples from our beautiful couple Annie & Michael's 4 day Hindu Wedding!

We covered 4 days of incredible wedding events for our couple through our signature style photography/video! We even had a Same Day Video Edit play at the reception hall in front of a live audience of guests!

Have a look below:

We allocated a total of 18 hours of photo and video production time for the span of this wedding week, which included 2 pre wedding dates for cultural rituals, a day for The Hindu ceremony itself, and wrapped everything up with a western traditional reception on the final day.

When it comes to any of the pre wedding rituals or event days leading up the the ceremony, media coverage is totally optional but couples usually choose to have at least 1-2 hours of content captured on these dates.

On this first day, we attended an in home session to capture some Henna action and group photos.

We recommend going with our "Vibrant" photography style to emphasize the wide range of colours from scenes like this 👍🏼

On the second pre wedding day, we captured an in home Maticoor session simultaneously at two separate locations - one for the bride and the other for the groom's proceedings.

On the bride's side, we started with outdoor blessings before moving inside for a small ceremony - yes it was pretty cold and it's never easy shooting in the dark so flash experience makes all the difference 😂