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How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer in 7 Steps - featuring Alyssa & Stephen's Wedding

Alyssa and Stephen secured their wedding package with us back in 2019 after connecting through a previous client and oh boy did time fly by since then! Starting with a complimentary engagement session in Milton ON, it only took a few rescheduled dates to get to the big day itself where we had the pleasure of capturing all of the beauty through photos/film ❤️

In this blog we'll go over:

How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer/Videographer in 7 Steps 🙌🏼

- Featuring some teaser photos from our couple Alyssa & Stephen's recent Wedding

1. Consider Referrals and Recommendations

A recommendation from a friend or family member who recently got married is a great start to finding your wedding photography/film team. Chances are that your source will have good things to say and even better proof to show for what you can expect, but always double check that company's work online before deciding for yourself.

In this case, Groom Stephen was a groomsman at another wedding of ours a few years ago where he got to see our team in action first hand 👍🏼

3. Look At Their Blogs/Instagram

One of the things you’re looking for here is that the photographers blog has been recently updated, showing that they’re actively booking clients, staying busy, and putting out exceptional work. If you’re able to see yourself in this professional’s work, it’s a good chance they’re a fit for your wedding.