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How To Dress For Fall Engagement Photos - Ft. Rita & Michael

Nothing can beat the excitement of getting prepped up in those glamorous fall colours and getting the perfect engagement photos clicked! Especially in our earthy and warm photo style as seen below with our couple Rita and Michael ❤️

Here are some tips on how to pick the perfect fall engagement photo outfits!

1. Choose one colour to coordinate the outfits

One colour does not mean that you and your partner should both dress up in white or navy blue. It can be different shades of the same colour. For example, you can go with a different shaded brown leather jackets and dark bottoms like Rita and Michael here. It matched the earthy location tonnes quite nicely!

2. Feel Free to Change Outfits in between!

You can change outfits during the session as well (usually in the backseat of your cars 😂); just be mindful that it does take away from your shooting time. A change in outfits can be a great way to mix in a variety of photos 👍🏼 Even something as simple as a jacket change or addition of a scarf can add a layer of interest to the photo gallery.

Also, Michael came to this photoshoot on crutches due to a soccer injury so we even incorporated a fun pic with that - because why not? 😂

3. Tie it all together with a cute accessory

Couples nowadays use cute little props and accessories like signs, cards and plaid blankets during the photo sessions. A scarf, item of significance, coffee cups, picnic set up; all just a few ideas 😊 These memories will remain with you for a lifetime so feel free to be a little more creative and bring some items for us to incorporate into your images.

3. Your Outfits Don't Have to Be Formal

You don't have to dress up super formal. Casual attire or whatever you feel most comfortable in works too! Due to cooler Fall season temperatures, just make sure to wear layers to stay warm - in Michael and Rita's case here, we wrapped the session with a portrait in custom Disney hoodies 😍

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