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How To Plan Your South Asian Destination Wedding Photography & Video - Planet Hollywood Cancun


If you’ve been to an Indian destination wedding in Mexico or the Caribbean, you've really seen the light of how every moment can be so precious, how there is so much beyond just the events to capture, and how no matter how much you cram in still don't get to do and try everything you wanted to!

Our photo and film style is BOLD, VIBRANT, and CAPTIVATING - there is a reason it is loved and booked by so many couples ❤️


However you plan your multiple day wedding out of thing for certain is to INVEST in an experienced wedding photo and film team that has done several of these styled events;

because as fun as they are... south asian destination weddings are a TON of work.. both on location and afterwards throughout the editing process.

It makes sense to have creatives you can trust and get along with throughout your week 😊

Lets Explore some "Things You Should Know If Having A Destination South Asian Wedding" in this blog; featuring just a few samples from our beautiful couple Sanchita & Blair's week long event at Planet Hollywood Cancun.

This specific wedding resulted in over 2000 delivered images, a cinematic 30 minute highlight film as well as a 4+ hour raw footage playback.

Below we will share just a glimpse into how this South Asian wedding week unfolded.

Lets start off with the actual travel, arrival, and welcome party process 🔥

Yes, if there is allocated time in your package, we'll absolutely cover even moments like these through photo/video if doable!


Photography /film packages for destination weddings are the same as our advertised packages in Canada. The only additional consideration for our clients is Airfare/Hotel accommodations for the photographers/filmmakers as well as any additional production time added to your base package.

TIP Many resorts offer a free trip when you book a minimum number of rooms and many of our brides/grooms have taken advantage of this by using that free trip to offset our travel!

In our experience with South Asian Destination weddings, we can manage to produce beautiful results with 2 creatives on team if booking videography or photography solo - and a minimum team of 3 creatives if bundling up BOTH film and photography together with us.

A crew that can work together as a team from the same company makes a HUGE difference in final results.

We make it incredibly easy to book directly on our website and split your payment totals into several small instalments up until AFTER the wedding/editing - talk about convenient!

Next up in the blog, we have the Pithi ceremony or the "event with the yellow stuff" as we like to call it 😂

These captures are always fun!

Over 10 years of experience. Best rates. Full support.

It’s important to make sure your destination wedding photographers and videographers have experience with travel.

The biggest myth about having a destination Indian wedding is that it will be more expensive than having the wedding in your home-town; the answer is Not Necessarily. Any good quality product doesn’t come cheap. And so is the case with good wedding photography and cinematography. We’ve had countless couples come back and tell us that spending on wedding photography/film was the best decision they made for their wedding.

Next Up, Some captures from Sanchita & Blair's Sangeet Night 🙌❤️


Even if the wedding is small, there are things to consider like cameras, lenses and memory back-ups.

Can your photographers/videographers manage if one of their cameras, lenses, cards or any other piece of equipment fails in the middle of the wedding week?

It’s important because replacements or repairs in some of the destinations aren’t easy. So the team should be prepared for any situation and should be able to adapt to different environments. We personally back up our captures onto multiple storage areas and often sit long hours in our hotel rooms on location after every event making sure everything is safe and secured for peace of mind. Plus we always have at least 2 cameras each - minimum!

Next up, some HENNA and a POOL PARTY for the GUESTS 😍


Whether your wedding spans three, four, or seven days, we know each day brings its own traditions and excitement. You can rest assured every detail will be captured according to your booked package.

What make us unique at VidMedia is not only our elegant art style, but also the fact that we're almost always shooting! That means your moments in between moments, the smiles in between smiles, the tears in between hugs...all of it will be covered.

And on top of it all, we don't set a limit to how many photos are taken within your booked timeslots.

Something will likely go awry on your wedding day, especially if you have planned a destination wedding from afar. But certain mishaps are much easier to take in stride than others. If your wedding photographs and filmmakers turn out to be a huge disappointment, you will spend a long time regretting your choice of vendor with no way of fixing the situation.

Next up, The Hindu Ceremony Day

The Baraat procession welcomes the groom to the wedding venue. We document the groom, his family, groomsmen, and friends, as they walk the groom to where he will meet his beautiful bride.

Knowing when to direct and mingle for amazing photo/film captures V.S knowing when to hide into the background during unobtrusive moments like the wedding ceremony is a real skill! Beauty lies in candid and unscripted moments and reactions. We understand that certain experiences in life are indescribable through words alone – let our images express those emotions for you.

Giving your Guests Breathing Room to Relax and Socialize Properly

What's the point of bringing everyone to a beautiful serene place if all they feel is stressed out? Make sure in between all the festivities you have some open time for:

- guests/vendors to relax,

- recover from a hangover,

- socialize,

- hang out by the pool,

- explore the city on their own,



We often think of that beautiful sunset photo of the bride and groom kissing with the majestic ocean in the background. What we don't see is the 200 guests in blazers and dresses sweating and hungry or the sand that somehow ends up in every nook of your body.

We'll never force you do to something you arn't comfortable with but will try to convince you if it means getting great content 😊

Sanchita and Blair for example, were not too fond of going onto the beach for sunset captures after their civil ceremony so we did our best and convinced them to at least reach the beach bridge where we kind of got some sandy shots of them in their white dress and tux.

Saving the best till last here & personally the most important & that's to have FUN.

In the midst of planning, stressing, trying desperately to make your vision come to life... we forget just how quickly the wedding celebrations can be over. Try & let go & enjoy every moment you can!

It can be hard at the best of times but memories are something we can hold onto forever.

The cake, flowers, DJ etc. will be gone… but great photographs and video will always be there offering you a return ticket back to that special time.

DID YOU MAKE IT TO THE END? Show us some love and give us a follow on Instagram 😊


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