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Imperial City Brew House Sarnia Wedding Photography & Video - Jean-Guy & Alicia

It's safe to assume that once your wedding is finished, you'll wish you could do it all over again. All of the amazing feelings and memories can be brought back with the help of not only wedding photos, but also through a wedding film.

We had an absolute blast road tripping down to Sarnia Ontario for Alicia & Jean-Guy's beautiful and unique wedding that took place near the Blue Water Bridge and at the Imperial City Brew House.

Enjoy some sneak peaks from this event below 😊

Alicia and Jean -Guy were on the fence about adding video coverage in addition to their wedding photography package...lets just say they’ll be ecstatic when watching their full edit upon delivery 🤫🤫

We stand by our words when we say "you will regret not having both unique media features for such a huge milestone". 🤫🤫🤫🤫

If being able to relive the day, being able to hear the vows, toasts or speeches being said or being able to see the expressions on peoples faces, if you want to show your children your wedding one day on video, then yes, you should get wedding videography.

Video offers motion and it comes with sound, so you can visually relive not just a single frame, but that overall moment/event in time.

If you stumble during your wedding vows, just go with it!😂😄 this is another amazing reason to have wedding videography on your day! Moments like this are absolutely priceless and do not hit the same through photography 😊

Alicia & Jean-Guys's reception wrapped up the day at Imperial City Brew house in Sarnia. This location was so unique with its craft beers, bbq'd chicken, and hosted dinner/speeches.

While photography can certainly capture your wedding day, videography takes memory preservation to another level. Video can document all the smiles, tears, hugs, kisses, laughs, dances, decorations, vows and wedding speeches in a way that's truly unique.

With Some of the best photographers and filmmakers on our team, there is absolutely no reason for one to NOT get both features with us at VidMedia. Our combo packages are incentively discounted, come with certain freebies, and will provide you with a flawless wedding experience from start to finish

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