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Indian Wedding Guide: What Happens at a South Asian Wedding? ft. Samples From Angli & Girgan

So you may be wondering "What to Expect from a South Asian wedding."

If so, keep reading ft samples of a hybrid Sikh/Hindu wedding week including pre events😊

In this blog we will showcase a small handful of images from our couple Angli & Girgan's gallery of over 2500+ photos captured from their week long event and share "Some of the Things That May Occur at a South Asian Wedding".

Angli & Girgan spent a lot of time with us at Vidmedia over the span of their engagement and wedding planning process. Not only did we have the privilege of capturing all of their actual wedding week but we also had a blast shooting their engagement photos and producing a Bollywood styled music video during their engagement process, which played on their Sangeet night for a thrilled crowd 😊

Whether you have been invited to an Indian wedding or are throwing your own Hindu wedding ceremony, you may be curious about exactly what is going to happen. Guests may be unaccustomed as they come from different cultural backgrounds and those having the wedding may be an inter-racial couple or just a younger generation unfamiliar with many of the rituals. We often joke around that our team of photographers/videographers may know more about cultural traditions due to covering so many in our careers 😂

Indian weddings are colourful, joyful, and rich in traditions. But they can also be very complicated to photograph, especially if you’re not familiar with the culture. Luckily, our team at VidMedia knows what to focus on, when to step in or step away, and are dialed in with an editing style that will really bring the captured pieces to life in a bold, vibrant, and timeless style ❤️

Who is Invited To An Indian Wedding?

Everyone! A South Asian wedding is a big event in the life of the bride and groom. There are rarely small ceremonies or intimate Hindu/Sikh weddings. Many of the rituals and ceremonies are big parties and celebrations so it makes a lot of sense for there to be a lot of photo and video captures!

With the couple about to start their new adventure together, what better way to celebrate their new married life than with a party? In Angli & Girgan's wedding week, we started off by documenting their Sangeet and pre wedding dates.

A South Asian Wedding is INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT to Capture by one person

A wedding with hundreds of guests and multiple events can’t be captured well by one person alone. At VidMedia, our vast crew is able to split up accordingly, not only with production responsibilities but for multiple locations/dates as well.

If having a bountiful amount of AMAZING quality photos and film captures from your wedding is a priority to you, then it is a no brainer to BOOK with our cohesive team at VidMedia 😊

General South Asian Wedding Photo/Video Tip:

Majority of our couples book a Photo+Video Combo Package with us for good reasons!

This specifically comes in handy for South Asian weddings where we may need to cover multiple locations at the same time. In addition, it is always handy to have extra hands on deck for lighting assistance and having additional angles covered during live proceedings.

Plan Out Your Timeline - and ADD extra coverage! Trust Us!

When it comes to Indian wedding photography/video coverage, a weeks worth of timelines can vary vastly. Average coverage of an Indian wedding can be anywhere from 15 to 25+ hours split consecutively. The reason being that there are so many things taking place, and they all take time.

It's better to have more coverage and more photo/film captures than regret not having it afterwards.

A good photo/film team will know how to allocate camera time for best results.


It’s not just the bride that will catch your eye at an Indian wedding.

The whole affair is an incredible fusion of colours!

Our VidMedia Vibrant art style is perfect for photographing weddings like this and our workmanship really does wonders to the final edited products!

What is typical Indian wedding attire?

An Indian bride will likely wear a lehenga or sari while an Indian groom may wear a kurta or sherwani for an Indian wedding ceremony. As a wedding guest, it's appropriate to wear similar attire. Many formal attire rental websites have Indian formal wear, such as saris, that you can borrow.

If you're unable to procure traditional Indian garb, formal Western attire, like a suit or cocktail dress, would also be acceptable. Shah notes that "Indian weddings are super colorful. Let your imagination flow with color choices for outfits. It is best to be wearing more flowy outfits versus things that are bodycon dresses. Most events, unless specified, are formal events which require a suit and tie or tux."