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La Primavera Event Space Wedding Photography - Marya & Kareem

Marya and Kareem booked us in for their wedding photography and film somewhat last minute and luckily we were able to make accommodations and capture their beautiful wedding day in our signature VidMedia style. Enjoy some teasers from their wedding below and feel free to follow us on Instagram for more ❤️

Although the day started with rain during the prep session, we still snuck out for some atmospheric photos outdoors - ain't nobody afraid of a few water droplets 😊

It wasn't our first time capturing wedding photography and video at the Church of the Virgin Mary & St.Athanasius and we already knew how amazing and accommodating the priests and staff at this location are. They actually ENCOURAGE us to come onto the stage for better angles and compositions of the action - which makes a big difference in the variety we can produce for our couples. We do still stay discreet and hidden of course. 😊

Moving from the ceremony to the official photoshoot for family, bridal, and couple photos was a joy as it had stopped raining and allowed us to really take our time to perfect many of the creative images. Wedding photography at the humber arboretum does require a permit but will provide you with a variety of natural backgrounds.

The reception took place at La Primavera Event space with a cocktail hour held outdoors prior to the grand entrances. By having 2 photographers in your wedding package, it allows us to capture not only multiple angles of a live action...but it also allows us to be at two areas at the same time. Whether that be both bride and groom prep locations. or inside the venue and out. We ALWAYS recommend going with our Combo Wedding Video+Photo package for best results 👍🏼

Full of heartfelt speeches, candid moments, and beautiful dances, Marya and Kareem's wedding reception will be something they will look back on and reminisce for decades to comes. You want to be able to remember your wedding day for the rest of your life. And while memories themselves can be a great way to live in the moment, there’s nothing quite like being able to look at your wedding photos and video to really relive the experience of marrying the love of your life. ❤️

Now booking photography, film, live streaming, and photobooth bundles for 2023 and limited 2022 dates - With no rescheduling fees or hassles 😊


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