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"Home Away From Home" at The Millcroft Inn - They Host Weddings Too!

We recently spent the day producing freshly stylized content for a local resort and spa in Caledon ON for their marketing and website needs. The Millcroft Inn, which is a part of the "Vintage Hotels" chain, is a must visit location if in need for a refresh - trust us...we would know because we ourselves have been there for a relaxing massage and dip in the hot springs this past winter after a long wedding season. It's especially awesome during that time!

For the marketing photos, we went with a dark and moody feel to fit under the brands rustic and "Vintage" appeal as held in the name. We produced over 350 images in 42 Mega pixel quality of the mesmerizing interiors and exteriors that can be found and enjoyed at this little "home away from home". Below are just some of our favourites from the set ❤️

If you are still shopping around for a wedding venue, feel free to check out Vintage Hotels and their properties among Caledon and Niagara On The Lake. Or if you'd like to plan a leisure visit at the Millcroft location, you can browse details here.

Feel free to scroll to the very bottom of this blog post to see some of the photos we took of ourselves at this location back during our personal visit in the Winter time😊- not a part of the marketing collection.

We are currently booking limited amounts of Weddings, events, and corporate projects for 2021 and future dates ❤️


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