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Paradise Banquet Hall Wedding Photography & Video - Venue in Toronto

The Double Take: Why You Should Consider 2 Wedding Videographers and 2 Wedding Photographers - - ft select samples from Tanya & Brian's Wedding 😍

While a single photographer and videographer can do a fantastic job, We at VidMedia always recommend couples go with our 2+2 combo package for several reasons: In this blog, we'll explore the importance of this approach and why it could be a game-changer for your big day

  1. Covering Two Prep Locations!

This is probably the BIGGEST perk of having a set of 2 videographers and 2 photographers in your wedding package as usually the groom and bride get ready at different locations the morning of the event. We are able to delegate our team and split up accordingly to ensure BOTH occurrences get documented simultaneously 😊

2. Reduced Stress

Wedding days can be chaotic, and unforeseen circumstances can arise. Having two photographers and videographers provides a safety net in case of equipment malfunctions, illness, or other emergencies. If one professional encounters any issues, the other can step in seamlessly, ensuring that your precious moments are always documented. This redundancy reduces stress and minimizes the risk of missing out on important memories.

3. Comprehensive Coverage:

One of the primary reasons to consider our Photo+Video combo package with two photographers and videographers is to ensure comprehensive coverage of your wedding day. With multiple professionals on board, you can capture every significant moment from various angles and perspectives which makes your edits that much RICHER.

For example, during the ceremony: While one photographer/videographer captures your exchange of vows, the other can focus on the tearful reactions of your loved ones. This ensures that nothing is missed and that you have a well-rounded representation of your special day.


With our Combo #2 package, you simply receive FAR more deliverables in your finals. We guarantee a larger quantity of photos with 2 photographers on board, and your video is always much more dynamic and engaging with cutaways and different angles during LIVE moments like the ceremony and speeches


Multiple photographers and videographers bring a variety of equipment and skill sets to your wedding. One may be more so a director while the other assists with complex lightng set ups where it really matters. This versatility ensures that no matter the conditions, you'll have high-quality images and videos as a helping hand is always on stand by.

So, when planning your wedding, consider the added dimension and depth that two sets of professionals can bring to your once-in-a-lifetime celebration. With their expertise, you'll be able to relive your special day through a richer, more vibrant lens for years to come.

Our COMBO packages at VidMedia are specially discounted and incentivized to encourage you to take advantage of this magical set up and our easy payments plans are a DREAM to not stress over 🙌🏼

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