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Planning a Destination Wedding During a Pandemic

It's important to remember that your wedding will happen! Travel will open up again, weddings will occur, and your dream of a destination wedding in whatever part of the world you desire can be a reality ❤️

Similar to us, many venues are allowing clients to postpone to a new date – all deposits and payments can be transferred to the new date chosen. So planning details like locations and choice of vendors is absolutely doable...but with a flexible date in mind 😊Our advice is to make sure your destination wedding vendors are flexible and honest people that genuinely want the best for your once in a lifetime celebration.

We are advising couples not to panic, but to remain calm and understand that the entire industry is working together to best assist our couples. No one could have predicted this, and this situation isn’t the fault of anyone. This is something we are all facing together, and together, we will find solutions and create new plans.

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