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Preto Loft Wedding Photography & Video + 6 Fun and Easy Chinese Door Games to play at your Wedding

Sara and Ray tied the knot alongside their closest family and friends (and of course fur baby, Sky) at a trendy, instagram-worthy studio called Preto Loft in Toronto, Ontario and then via a reception held at the Toronto Marriot Markham.

The photos and video of their wedding day turned out SO good, but we will let you see that for yourself in this very blog through just a FEW TEASERS 😊 We will also highlight 6 fun and easy Chinese Door Games to play at your Chinese Wedding!

Chinese door games, known as chuangmen, originated from the idea that a bride is a prized daughter, worth so much that her family refuses to marry her off easily. Therefore, a man worthy of her hand must pass certain “tests” to claim his bride-to-be. Today, this Chinese wedding tradition is celebrated by making the groom play a number of entertaining door games, which can be a part of the procession or played at the banquet or tea ceremony.

Traditionally, door games will happen following the groom’s procession to his bride’s home. The bridesmaids will refuse to “surrender” the bride until the groom has completed the tests. Today, there are a number of ways you can incorporate Chinese door games into a Chinese wedding banquet or wedding reception. If you are looking for a few Chinese Wedding Traditions to incorporate into your wedding, this blog will list 6 Chinese door games that will make for fun and lighthearted memories for years to come.

1) No Money No Hunny! In this traditional Chinese wedding game, the bridesmaids hold the bride hostage in her home until the groom presents the bridesmaids with enough red envelopes to satisfy them. This game is designed to prove the loyalty of the groom, that he will do whatever it takes to get his bride. This Chinese door game is perhaps the oldest and most traditional game that you could incorporate and can be played either as part of the wedding processional or at the door of the wedding banquet. If you choose to play this game, you’ll need to be prepared with many red envelopes!

2) Declaration of Love! This Chinese door game is perfect for a tea ceremony setting as well as a wedding banquet. In order to win over his bride and prove his love, the groom has to make an elaborate and heartfelt declaration of love. This declaration can come in the form of a vow, a poem, or an original song. The aim is to convince the bride, and if she is satisfied, the groom wins!

3) No Pain No Gain!<