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Real Proposal At Sherman Falls Hamilton

Oh my goodness what an exciting time it was planning to capture Nikki & Tiffany's proposal in real time!

It's always a rush of emotions pulling off shoots like this where one of the two people involved have no idea what is happening.

Nikki reached out to us a few weeks prior to this day to plan a moment that would forever be remembered through the power of video and photography. I mean...who wouldnt want such an amazing chapter captured?!

After a few emails and calls back and forth, we collaboratively decided to go to Sherman Falls where this live proposal unraveled. As the media team, we arrived on location 30 minutes prior to what Tiffany thought was just a regular "hike" on the weekend 😊 After capturing the proposal in real time, we finished the session with some natural photos to bring everything together nicely.

Pulling off a project like this can be stressful due to many uncontrollable obstacles but luckily the weather and any random hikers did not interfere :) Whoever was at the base of the falls prior to this proposal was nice enough to be courteous and keep their distance after we had informed them of what would be happening.

Trust us at VidMedia to bring your vision to life but more importantly capture genuine and real moments like these 😍

Below are some photo teasers from this magical session. Congratulations Nikki & Tiffany! ❤️


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