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Sunflower Engagement Photos In Mississauga

We had the privilege of creating some amazing photos with our couple Maciej & Yhar in a nearby sunflower field in Mississauga. Typically, private properties or farms take advantage of these seasonal blooms and charge people entry and/or permit fees in order to take photos with the yellow beauties.

We helped our couple utilize a gorgeous area with sunflowers that did NOT require a permit for an hour long photoshoot. Saving money on permit costs is always good if possible :) Luckily we caught the last of the sunflower season too!

This shoot was extra special because it ended up being a 2-in-1; engagement and maternity session, including two handsome pups by the names of Hefe and Choncio. Just look at how dapper they looked in some of the sample photos below :)

Easter Egg: Can you guess the Disney movie theme from the maternity images? :)

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