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The Guild Inn Scarborough Wedding Photography & Video - Skyler & Joseph

Skyler and Joseph had their wedding photo and film captured with us in our "vibrant" style. These captures happened at the Old Mill Chapel in Etobicoke and the Guild inn at Scarborough.

Below are some teasers from this wedding - enjoy!

This ceremony took place in the Old Mill Etobicoke wedding chapel, and although the lighting conditions were not ideal, we managed to make the setting look beautiful with our low light lenses and flash skills. Lets just say that a non professional would have butchered these images here :) #flex

Immediately following the ceremony, our team got right to it and hustled through a pretty large family shot list. Yes, having a shot list is a must with us for convenience and efficiency! Due to our strategic preparation in this department, we were lucky enough to have some left over time for creative couple portraits at some unique old Mill locations before departing to the venue

Your wedding day only happens once in a lifetime and many of the moments in that single day have no do-overs. Why not invest in the best that you can get? Your wedding photography and film is something that you will have with you, and will stay with you forever.

If choosing to not capture your wedding party/dance floor, we at least recommend having coverage with our photo/video team up until your speeches and/or cake cutting finishes as a nice way to wrap up the media and story of the day. 😊 This sample wedding in particular is a great example of a day's worth of coverage up until that moment in the schedule.

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