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Top 5 Tips For Nailing Your Engagement Photos!

Barbara & Dominic's Engagement Photo Session turned out absolutely perfect in this beautiful Mississauga location full of warm Fall features and their model car :)

Have a look below at just a few teasers from this photoshoot; featuring "5 tips for nailing your engagement photos"!

1. Wear something you’re comfortable in.

Wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable! If you do purchase something new, take it for a test run prior to your engagement shoot! As much as you consider how your engagement outfits make you feel; think also about how they’ll photograph during your session and if it will compliment your partner's attire.

2. Consider professional hair and makeup for your shoot.

Haven’t done your hair and makeup consultation with your wedding day stylist yet? It might be a smart move to schedule that trial for the morning of your engagement session. Might as well glam up for some fun!

3. Make The Day Into a Date with Your Fiance.

Starting your day in this mindset helps you feel connected and romantic as you head into the photo shoot. Maybe that means grabbing a coffee before the session or going out for dinner afterwards. Think of the photo session as just one of the fun things planned for your date.

4. Let Your Guard Down.

Don't forget to have fun and be yourself. The best photos always happen when you relax and focus on your partner and the experience we have together. Yes, we as professionals will give you subtle cues and adjustments to help capture your best self, but let us worry about that and the technical aspects to making photos look spectacular!

5. Hire a professional photographer.

This should go without saying, but you are going to get the best photos by hiring a professional to take your engagement photos. Your engagement is such a short and special chapter in your life and your relationship, and you deserve to commemorate that time with beautiful photos together! You can get one for FREE with us when booking a combo package on our website :)

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