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Traditional Polish Meat Hut Rental For Weddings In Mississauga - less than $9 per person?!!

Looking for a traditional Eastern European “Meat Hut” rental for your wedding reception?

This decor accessory is one to surely "WOW" your guests and creates a rustic "self serve" snacking station that typically remains on site up until the end of the party! Read more below...

These are typically found at Polish weddings, but also can be seen at Ukrainian, Croatian or Serbian events due to cultural expectations. We like to think however that any wedding can benefit from a NEXT LEVEL charcuterie board like this!

Various and Customizable goodies come displayed next to the meat hut on several wooden charcuterie boards throughout the duration of the event and at the end of the night, guests are typically invited to take the leftovers home (if any remain that is!)

This Polish Meat Hut is available for booking:

1) as an empty standalone station for you to fill with whatever snack items you'd like ($499)


2) fully stocked, delivered, and set up with catered consumables (starting at $1299 for events holding up to 150 guests) - thats works out to under $9 a guest! 😲


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