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Trillium Park Engagement Photo Session

Ferlisha & Jordan's engagement photo session took place on a Friday evening at Trillium Park in Toronto. Funny enough, there was a live concert by a Country Music Star happening across the street during the same time so although parking was a bit tough; we still arrived on time and created amazing photos with these two love birds.

A park session at the end of the day will more or less provide the same results no matter which park you choose to go to. However, this specific location was primarily chosen for the up close Toronto Skyline - so we started off with some shots around the park grounds and wrapped the hour session with the city as a backdrop.

Ferlisha and Jordan wanted their images more towards the brighter spectrum and so the samples below have those vibrant colour palettes reflected in them. Hints of teal blue, greens, and airy orange vibes create this style - which we think looks amazing!

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