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When Is The Best Time To Book Maternity Photos?

There’s so much going on during pregnancy - from choosing buggies and birth options, to thinking about names and attending appointments. It can be easy to get to the last few weeks and realize that you haven’t arranged that maternity shoot you had been thinking about.

As hard as it might be to envision now, time passes quickly. It won’t be long before your child may be showing these pictures to their own child. Your grandchild who might only know you as the gray-haired grandma who is always quick to offer a hug and a cookie will have the opportunity to see you in another light.

That’s a tremendous gift to give your child and the children who come into your family after them. And it’s a great present to yourself and your spouse as well. It’s something the whole family will cherish forever.

Book your life milestones with us in advance for ideal scheduling ❤️


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