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When to Take Your Engagement Photos?

An engagement photo shoot is one of the most amazing and memorable events you can experience in your relationship - and with our select packages, you too can get your very own complimentary session for FREE! Contact us while available ❤️

Lets explore "When To Take Your Engagement Photos" in this blog featuring recent images of one of our 2022 couples; Samantha & Lincoln.

As a newly engaged couple, there’s a first for everything and planning your engagement shoot is one of them as it is usually the first step in your wedding planning process. With that comes a lot of questions and concerns, such as, how long is a typical engagement photo shoot and when should you schedule one?

Once you’ve hired your photographer, it’s time to schedule your engagement shoot. If you’re planning to use these photos for save-the-dates (which usually go out a minimum of six to eight months before your wedding), you need to book a session around 10 months or more in advance. That way your photographer has time to edit the images, and you still have time to get those invitations designed. If you have a longer engagement, or you’re not planning to use photos for save-the-dates, you have more flexibility.

As a company that specializes and works in the wedding industry full time, our schedules are often very tight and so we recommend couples book a date for their engagement sessions in advance.

Typically, we shoot most engagement sessions in early spring or late Fall to avoid the busiest time of peak wedding season. You can expect it to last an hour in duration and produce a minimum of 30-40 high resolution creative photos.

How Long Does It Take to Get Engagement Photos Back?

Once your photographs are taken, they can take as quick as a few days up to a month to process and cull for delivery. It does depend on what time of year they are taken in and our editing schedule at the time, hence again, the earlier you book your date the better 😊

You can rest assured that overall, we have prompter delivery times compared to other studios due to dedicating our full time schedules to our work and business.

Remember, the photos from engagement shoots are so much more than just a one time use. You can use the pictures as save the dates, for decor on your wedding day, in a guest book to sign at your reception, as prints in your home, or to build your wedding website with.

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