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Why Hire a Photographer for Engagement Parties, Anniversaries, and Family Parties?

A lot of people tend to have professional photos taken of only large events such as weddings but imagine having images from other stages of your family's growth - from marriage, to your first child, anniversaries, and more!

Below are some photos taken at a family party where some close friends and family got together to celebrate a 16th wedding anniversarry! How cute is THAT?!

Having a professional photographer for an event like this is a great opportunity to capture family photos, candids with friends, and any smaller details to help preserve memories of such a fun time.

Best of all....small events such as this really don't require more than 2-3 hours of photography time so costs can be kept incredibly affordable compared to large scale events...especially when split among whoever is attending. 😊

Whether it's a bridal shower, baby shower, anniversarry party, engagement party, baptism, sweet 16 party or anything in can't go wrong with a quick session with us.


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