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Why Let Your Wedding Photographer Choose Your Engagement Photo Session Location 😲

One decision that can significantly impact the outcome of an engagement photo session is the choice of location. While it may be tempting to pick the trendiest place you see others go to via Instagram there's a growing trend that's gaining popularity – letting your wedding photographer choose the engagement photo session location.

In this blog post, we'll explore why this leap of faith can result in truly breathtaking and unique photographs. ft. samples of our couple Amanda & William

  1. Professional Expertise: Wedding photographers are seasoned professionals with an eye for aesthetics and an innate understanding of lighting, composition, and framing. By entrusting us with the location selection, you leverage our expertise to find spots that not only look beautiful in person but also translate well into stunning visuals.

2. Reducing Stress and Decision Fatigue: Wedding planning involves countless decisions, and choosing an engagement photo location can be an added layer of stress. By delegating this decision to your photographer, you free up mental space and energy to focus on other aspects of your wedding preparations.

Simply show up looking great and leave everything else like lighting, guidance, and techincal camera settings up to us 😊


We often have a repertoire of hidden gems – picturesque locations that may not be well-known but offer a unique backdrop for photos. Allowing us to choose the location opens the door to discovering these hidden treasures, providing a backdrop that tells a story as unique as your love. Most importantly, when couples let us choose their engagement photo spot, we oftentimes bring them to PERMIT FREE locations - that's a few hundred in savings for YOU 😊

Letting your wedding photographer choose the engagement photo session location is a leap of faith that often leads to extraordinary results. It's an opportunity to collaborate with a professional who is not just capturing moments but curating an experience. So, trust the lens, embrace the surprise, and let your love story unfold against the backdrop of carefully chosen, visually stunning locations. After all, the best photographs are often captured when trust and creativity intersect.

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