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Why you Should Have a FREE Engagement Photography Session - Mississauga Wedding Photographers

Hiring an engagement photographer is a personal choice and will depend on your preferences, budget, and needs … BUT 95% of our couples choose to have one for these 5 reasons alone! ⬇️

Enjoy some teaser images below captured in our "dark vintage style" in Port Credit Mississauga featuring Aarti & Parth ⬇️⬇️😊😊

1. Engagement Photos May Already Be Included in Your Package!

It may be that you don’t think you need an engagement photographer but it ends up that there’s a package like our "Combo #2" that includes much more bang for your buck.

VidMedia combo bookings always end up being the most worthwhile based on value and the convenience of having one company take care of both your photo/film needs.

3. To See Some Photos Ahead of Time

It’s one thing to glance at a company's overall portfolio...

But it’s quite another to have the chance to actually see yourself in some images prior to the wedding day. This will help you envision your wedding day photos in the style and look you desire.

4. Use For Wedding Decor, Guest Book, Invites, Save The Dates, etc

Thinking of using your engagement photos for invitations, party favours, or thank you cards?


Connect with us at the engagement phase and you’ll have a lot more choice (and time) to get the best quality photos ready for these purposes.

5. To Get Comfortable on Camera

Posing for the camera can be more difficult than it looks! (with an inexperienced photographer that is)

A pro photography team will give you the right instructions and essentially train you to be ready for the big day. Often clients are nervous, and if the photographer isn’t good at giving directions, the photos won’t be top-notch.


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