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Why You Should Have A Winter Engagement PhotoShoot!

Festive, seasonal, and even holiday-inspired, a wintery engagement session is the perfect option for couples seeking an added touch of enchantment to their engagement photos.

So if your having a Summer or Spring wedding, we definitely recommend shooting your engagement photos in an opposite season for different and unique images to use for your pre wedding planning needs!

Read on for expert tips on how to get flawless winter engagement photos; featuring samples from a session shot in Mississauga with our engaged couple Andrea & Ian 😍


When we arrived for this shoot, the ground was covered in dirty slush but as we often say; a good photograph is in the hands of the creator 😊 You definitely want your photographer to incorporate whatever snowy vibes are available and make it look as pretty as possible !


When the weather turns cold, cozy up in your favourite sweater or jacket and take photos close to home.

You'd be surprised at how different the vibe and atmosphere can look with a simple change of season and colder colour temperatures/lighting!

3. Take Advantage of Crowd-Free Locations

One of the most significant benefits to winter engagement photos is the lack of crowds. Some of the best spots are empty, so this gives us a lot of wonderful options for outdoor scenery. We can direct our couples with more movement because the odds are that there won't be people in the background to avoid.

4. Embrace Holiday Decor!

One of the most valuable aspects of shooting winter engagement photos is being able to indulge in your city’s holiday decor. Why not utilize the festive pieces around your environment and incorporate them into your session’s backdrop.

5. You Get To Wear Cute Winter Outfits!

Our favourite tip for clients is to wear layers. Winter accessories can be really cute, plus, it makes more sense visually to be dressed for winter if you're being photographed in the cold!

Pack a bag of hats, scarves, gloves, hand warmers and a change of socks/clothes for beautiful photos that would otherwise look very different in warmer weather.

Sure, the colder weather might make you think twice about having a photo session in the winter. But with the stark frostiness of your surroundings and a warm partner to snuggle with, why not make the best of the weather, and hire the best engagement photography studio to capture your love ❤️

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