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Why Your Wedding Photographer Needs To Be BOTH a good Director and Candid Shooter

We believe that a skilled wedding photographer should not just be a silent observer but a conductor orchestrating moments that echo with emotion. A perfect blend of directed poses and candid captures is the secret sauce that elevates wedding photography from ordinary to extraordinary.

In this post, we'll explore "why a proficient wedding photographer should be a PRO in BOTH directing and capturing candid moments".

featuring select samples from Shaq and Mariam's December Wedding held at the Ruby Manor and The Garden's Event Center

1: Crafting Timeless Portraits with Directed Poses:

Directed poses are the building blocks of timeless portraits that stand as visual legacies for couples. The ability to guide couples with finesse, framing them in a way that reflects their unique connection, ensures that every portrait tells a story of love frozen in time.

2. Capturing the Unscripted Beauty of Candid Moments:

Candid photography is the heartbeat of raw, unfiltered emotion. The ability to seamlessly transition from directing to capturing candid moments allows the photographer to be an invisible storyteller, preserving genuine smiles, laughter, and tears.

3. The Balanced Approach: Creating Visual Harmony:

The true artistry lies in the ability to seamlessly weave directed and candid shots into a harmonious visual narrative. A balanced approach ensures that the wedding album is a comprehensive collection of moments, combining the elegance of directed poses with the authenticity of candid captures.

4. Storytelling Through Poses:

Directed poses play a pivotal role in telling a cohesive story of the wedding day. From the anticipation of the first look to the joy of the dance floor, each pose contributes to the narrative arc, creating a visual journey that resonates with the couple's unique journey.

5. Building a Time Capsule of Memories:

Candid shots serve as a time capsule, transporting couples back to the visceral emotions of their wedding day. These unposed moments become cherished memories that unfold like a storybook, rekindling the joy, love, and warmth experienced during the celebration.


A photographer who can expertly direct and candidly capture is a storyteller with a camera—a maestro capturing the symphony of love, joy, and connection. Every click is a note, and every frame is a stanza, creating a timeless melody that echoes through the cherished memories of a couple's most special day.

In mastering both directed and candid photography, a wedding photographer becomes not just an artist but a custodian of moments that last a lifetime.

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