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5 Things to Remember When Your Wedding Doesn’t Go as Planned ft Sampless from Alexandra & Irfaun

On actual wedding days... we're always diffusing situations and pivoting as needed.

At the end of the day, we at VidMedia will still capture the best possible photos/film content to the best of our abilities 😊

Wedding day planners and coordinators can be life savours if you are truly a nit picky person, otherwise it is important to just go with the flow and enjoy as much as you can, because no wedding runs 100% smoothly.

Lets explore "5 Things To Remember When Your Wedding Doesn't Go As Planned" - featuring sample photos from our couple Alexandra & Irfaun.

1. Remember Why You're Doing This.

We’re gathering together and celebrating you and your relationship. This celebration is for your relationship as a whole. Maybe you forgot your jewellery at home, maybe your bridal party didnt show up to the prep on time, maybe you did not have a day of coordinator and timelines had to shift.

As long as you get married at the end of the day, the rest can technically be flexible. Although we as yoru creative team are not your "official wedding planner", we still do our very best to keep you moving and on track.

2. Remember to give yourself a minute.

It’s okay to give yourself time to grieve the fact that your wedding day may not be going as originally planned.

You can sit and wallow in it. You can cry over it.

Then, take a deep breath (or maybe a shot), and move forward.

3. Remember that you’re not alone.

Your community is your support system. This includes your family, friends, wedding party, and often times...YOUR VENDORS who are going above and beyond behind the scenes (which may not even be noticed).

As photographers and videographers, we rarely have any spare time or breathers. If we are not physically shooting, we may be doing miniscal tasks such as:

- laying out your accessory details or hanging up your wedding dress for a cute capture

- trying to stay ahead of schedule and pushing key individuals/wrangling bridal party members

- setting up audio or flash equipment before the ceremony/reception,

- or even backing up those precious capture files onto a computer on location (because you never know)

Whatever it is... TRUST us when we say there are countless of tasks for us to do behind the scenes on a wedding day.

4. Remember to throw the damn plan out the window.

At a certain point it’s time to let it go. If the venue doesn’t use the right chairs you requested, the dinner service is a little delayed, or it’s an overcast day when you were hoping for sunshine. Guests won’t care as much as you think they might. Ultimately, we’re all in this together. If we can stay as positive as possible and lift up a celebration of love, we can still find so much joy. Love still wins.

No matter how off track your wedding day schedule gets, we at VidMedia will still do our best to ensure you have the bets possible photo and film captures accordingly ❤️

5. Have a Positive Attitude - Because it Rubs Off!

No matter how much you plan, or how many contingencies you have, something will inevitably go wrong. Having a positive attitude will reflect on the people around you so the best thing to do is have a solid plan in place, and then try your best to be flexible (or just laugh it off) when something goes wrong (because something will).

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