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East Gwillimbury Engagement Photos - Sara & Ray

If you can get a FREE engagement photo session with your creative wedding studio

(which should be us - duh! 😊), absolutely take advantage of it!

Lets explore WHY TO HAVE AN ENGAGEMENT PHOTO SESSION before your wedding in this blog; Featuring our beautiful couple Sara & Ray with their dog Skyler ❤️

1. Ultimately engagement sessions are important because it will help you see how blooming gorgeous you already are, how incredibly beautiful your connection with each other is and fill you with confidence for your wedding day.

You’ve got this!

2. Gorgeous photos … that aren’t in your wedding clothes!

Engagement photos are a chance to get some rad photos of yourselves that aren’t all in your wedding attire …or just a selfie! Having gorgeous photos in your wedding clothes is obviously wonderful but having some photos outside of that is meaningful too.

Photos of you guys doing something you love together and being cute together and just hanging out. More relaxed, natural and totally you.

3. Save the date and wedding website pics.

This one isn’t for everybody but if you are going down the save the date card and wedding website route (not all couples do and thats totally cool!) engagement sessions can get you the type of beautiful photos that you’ll feel stoked using for these cards and webpage.

4. Decor For Your Wedding Venue

Whether you make a guest book or signage poster of your favourite photo, having a physical print for guests to sign at your wedding day will make a perfect souvenir.

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